Meet Pidgey the funky pigeon, the classy bird with a big hunger for bugs – and a big fear of Vinnie the vulture!

Pidgey is a simple, colorful game that will keep you playing more and more trying to beat your best record!

Overview of the game Help Pidgey to fill is enormous stomach by eating as many bugs as you can. Fly around the town to find new bugs that will boost Pidgey’s speed once eaten… as Pidgey gets very lazy and slow if he can’t have enough food! Unfortunately, some one is on his tracks… Vinnie the vulture is hungry too, and he loves the smell of roasted pigeon in the morning. So watch out! Pidgey has to escape from Vinnie by eating bugs to keep his pace faster than Vinnie’s. And while you are flying above the town, why don’t hover people or cars so Pidgey can relief himself? And give you some extra points too!

Pidgey features graphics among the cutest seen so far on iPhone, you will fall in love with Bacared or Wasabee or any of the other amazing characters of the game.

How it works
Touch the screen anywhere and Pidgey will fly straight to that point. Pidgey’s speed decrease with time, so fly Pidgey to the bugs to eat them and gain speed and points. Avoid Vinnie the vulture at any costs! Review
" Pidgey is billed as a simple, colourful game featuring a funky pigeon and his quest for bugs ". Macworld Staff

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