Gangster Rocco

With Gangster Rocco for iPhone and iPod Touch, you're a swingin' gangster mouse, out on the town. You're hungry for cheese and itchin' for a little action. You have one problem; that delicious cheese you crave is right in the middle of enemy cat territory. With your Tommy gun locked and loaded, you’re ready to roll. Too bad those alley cats have other ideas. They're out to get you, and they've laid some traps, but that’s okay because you’re determined that it’s your job to collect as much of that yellow and red cheese as possible. If you're good, they'll never take you alive!

This fun and addictive game will hook you right away. There are no complicated controls to master,  just tilt your device left and right to safely maneuver Rocco around the cats and mouse traps;  grabbing as much cheese as you can along the way. Get caught by a cat or step in a mouse trap, and you're toast! Those cats may have 9 lives, but you only get 3.

With 5 levels and 3 difficulty settings, this app will keep you entertained for hours. Each time you advance to a new level, it gets harder to stay out of trouble. The cats come at you more quickly and there are a lot more of them trying to get you. The cheese gets harder to get to without getting caught, and many of them are in the direct line of a cat that is waiting for you. The yellow cheese is worth 10 points, and the red is worth 20, so choose your cheese wisely!

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"Simple game concept - Entertaining game play - Cheap buy Cons- - Jumpy graphics - No variety in scenery from level to level I give this game an 8/10 because it is nice to see a simple game that is this challenging Zach ." Review
" Gangster Rocco is somewhat similar to Frogger [...] a formidable challenge [...] definitely has its own appeal." Review
" The game promises fun addictive gaming." Macworld Staff

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