SuckersApp is so fun and addictive than any prior block puzzles. 

The game is simple to navigate and addictive, point on the suckers and vamp them out simple as that - watch out for Bees and Spiders they will drain the suck meter even faster than the suckers So be warned.

3 colors Mosquito (Enemy)
1 spider (Enemy)
1 honey bee (Enemy)

Special items can also be used on the suckers
1 Thunder Bolt (bonus)
1 freeze ice (bonus)
1 spray (bonus)
1 blood (bonus)

Suckers suck your blood from your skin scary and suck the living day lights out of you. They love all types of blood they don’t discriminate.

Suckers is available on the iPhone and iPad also localised in Chinese (simplified mandarin) Review

Overall comments (5/5)

Overall, this app is extremely professional; through the use of colourful graphics and animation, and also the very fast loading times and lack of lag! The addictive gameplay will keep you re-launching the app to play more – and the high score board feature will also help to bring out the competitive side of you! Also, the best thing is… its free! Read on to find out in more detail about this app!

Appstorearcade Review

If you’ve been searching for a super quick gaming fix, Suckers Lite is a adorable tap-reflexer just right for those times when you only have a few minutes but are craving a little game.


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